Visit the page for my newest album Formative, set to be released early April 2021! It features nine original acoustic instrumental compositions. Half of these are new songs written in the past few years, and some go back over 10 years. The idea for the album came together when I realized I had a similar group of songs that were all heavily influenced by many local places and influences that have played a large part in my life both currently, and growing up. This album will be available for digital purchase and streaming on all major platforms. With music moving largely to being streamed and purchased Online, I will only be doing a limited run of physical CD’s that can be purchased directly from me.

After many issues with other artists also by the name of David Leonard, I have decided to have all further music and creative material I produce be under the name “David Tilmon”. It has been a struggle with domain names, registering music, and having a unique online profile. I am excited to start a new chapter, and sort of reinvent myself under the name “Tilmon”. It is a name that has been passed down from my family, and has been my legal middle name.